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Open Air Theatre:
Heaven for the weather of Hyderabad, completely uncovered Open Air Theatre, where you can watch your favorite movies, with a cinematic experience, projecting on the wall. What more, you have barbecue in the same park, thus you can grill your own food along with watching movies, feeling full bliss!

Sports Arena:
A completely new experience providing you open Gymnasium so that you can do workouts in the lap of nature under fresh air. Floor Chessboard provides you the real touch and feel of playing chess. Lawn tennis court and open-air basketball court help you burn those extra calories. Thus, Silicon Valley’s open-air Sports Arena has all it takes one to remain healthy, active and entertained.

Barbecue Park:
Gather your friends and fire up the grill in Barbecue Park. What more, you can watch your favorite movies with a cinematic experience in this open air theatre along with grilling your own food. If that’s not enough, you might work your meal out with leap in our Sports Arena afterwards.

Bamboo Park:
Sometimes the world makes you forget how to live in the best of health. At Silicon Valley, we’d like to help you remember. That’s why the plans we’ve made for your home extend far outside its walls.

Bamboo Park is your Oxygen Factory to inhale fresh Air and more oxygen even at night. A grove of Bamboo release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Yoga Park:
We have taken Silicon Valley layout to next level by making a Yoga Park for you with colonial bentgrass. This grass is famously used in developing Golf Course Turfs and we are using this grass in Yoga Park for you. We continually strive to provide you the best health in the lap of nature.

Toddlers Park:
Toddler’s Park: Keeping young children in mind, we have spared special area in the layout for outdoor games of your toddlers.



Jogging track
We have taken special care of your healthy living. And that’s why Silicon Valley has come up with a long jogging track for your needs. These Jogging Tracks with shrubs, plants and fragrant flowers on both sides would be a good motivation to start your day working out in the lap of nature.

Green Landscaping:
(Around the entire layout). You are breathing only the freshest air, Irresistible opportunity to reconnect with Nature. Entire layout is surrounded with trees and shrubbery, small and tall.

Best quality blacktop roads:
As Silicon Valley is HMDA Approved, we would construct best quality blacktop roads not only from main road, but also within the layout.

  • Underground drainage lines
  • Electrical cabling and Modern Street Lighting
  • Water Supply, Water Tank and Water Lines
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